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Sunday, March 27, 2005



From an official KCRW email:


Podcasting @ KCRW.com

PodcastingStarting March 1, KCRW launches an extensive podcasting line-up that features our locally produced talk, news, cultural programs and commentaries (listings below), free of charge.

What is podcasting? Podcasting is KCRW To Go! A podcast is an MP3 audio file that can be automatically downloaded to your personal computer and in turn transferred to an iPod or other MP3 player. You use a podcasting application that checks the site regularly and starts a download whenever it finds something new.

KCRW’s roster of podcasts includes our nationally distributed programs - both public affairs and cultural: To the Point -- Warren Olney's daily program focusing on the hot-button issues of the day; Left, Right & Center -- a political week-in-review with talking heads Arianna Huffington, Tony Blankley, Robert Scheer and Matt Miller; Bookworm with Michael Silverblatt, The Treatment where Elvis Mitchell talks with the influential and creative forces in movies and entertainment, and The Business (weekly beginning March 21!) hosted by Variety reporter Claude Brodesser.

We're also excited to expand your opportunities to listen to KCRW's unique and impressive line-up of weekly commentators. These short segments will introduce you to Pulitzer Prize winning car columnist Dan Neil, The New York Observer’s TV reporter Joe Hagan, “real life” in Hollywood, courtesy of producer/writer Rob Long, and The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern with film reviews, among others.

What about music programming? Copyright and legal issues currently prevent the station from offering music programs like Morning Becomes Eclectic via podcast, but we'll be monitoring any developments that will make this possible in the future.

How do you get started?
The basic requirements for podcasting are a computer, podcasting software and an Internet connection (the higher the speed, the better). To take your podcast with you, an iPod or any MP3 player is also needed.

Visit KCRW's podcasting page for complete instructions on how to install the software on your computer and to "subscribe" to a podcast feed. Then, the next time you sync, the MP3 of your KCRW program will be on your computer, and if you're set up, on your iPod.

KCRW's decision 10 years ago to launch a website and begin streaming its programs positioned the station as an “early adopter” of the new digital technologies - and we're excited to continue this tradition.

Happy Podcasting!

Complete Podcast Listing

Left, Right & Center - The station's popular political week in review show
The Politics of Culture - Discussions, interviews, panel discussions, rotating hosts
Bookworm - Michael Silverblatt's insightful literary conversations
The Treatment - Elvis Mitchell giving "the treatment" in entertainment and pop culture interviews
Good Food - Angeli Caffe chef Evan Kleiman's culinary explorations
To the Point - Warren Olney's daily discussion of national/international news
Which Way, LA? - Warren Olney's signature local public affairs program
DnA: Design & Architecture - A thoughtful look at architecture and design
The Business - Variety's Claude Brodesser examines the entertainment biz
Final Curtain - Obits for radio

Local Commentaries:
The Road Less Traveled with Dan Neil - Cars and their people, with the Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times auto columnist (coming March 19)
The Urban Man with Marc Porter Zasada - An Angeleno muses about his metropolis
Art Talk with Edward Goldman - Art reviews with a unique accent
Martini Shot with Rob Long - Wry observations about "real life" in Hollywood
Theatre Talk with James C. Taylor - In-depth theatre reviews
Film Reviews with Joe Morgenstern - The Wall Street Journal's film critic’s reviews
The Score with Diana Nyad - Stories of life, sports and inspiration
On the Beat with Celia Hirschman - The music industry analyzed
Overbooked with David Kipen - Book reviews by San Francisco Chronicle's critic
Back Channels with Joe Hagan - NY Observer columnist’s view of the TV biz
A Second Opinion with Dr. Michael Wilkes - An examination of medical ethics
Music Exchange with Steve Lamacq - Music Director Nic Harcourt and Britain's top radio DJ share music discoveries

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