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Saturday, October 23, 2004


OSAMABINLOTTERY.COM - entertaining AND enlightening


What if Bush pulls a rabbit (named Osama) out of his hat before the election?

What if you could make REAL MONEY from guessing when such an "OCTOBER SURPRISE" will happen?

That is the premise of this NEW WEBSITE from the folks at RADIO PARALLAX.
A must-see.

NO COST TO ENTER the contest, but YOU COULD win BIG BUCKS.
(Another nice touch: if no one wins, the dough goes to CHARITY.)
These guys are first class. CHECK IT OUT: www.osamabinlottery.com

Friday, October 22, 2004



From the Edgewise Newsletter:

Have you ever started working on capturing footage for a project only to find that you don't have enough space on the drive you are using? Certainly, it is sometimes helpful to know how much storage space a certain amount of footage will need, before capturing, so here is a handy little chart that you should find useful.

5 mins = 1Gb
10 mins = 2.1Gb
15 mins = 3.1Gb
30 mins = 6.3Gb
1 hour = 12.6Gb
2 hours = 25.3Gb
3 hours = 37.9Gb
4 hours = 50.6Gb
5 hours = 63.2Gb
10 hours = 126.5Gb
25 hours = 316Gb
50 hours = 632Gb


RECOMMENDATION: live365's channel "60's JANGLE RADIO"

Amazing: the best sixties radio station out there right now... is online!
Name: 60's JANGLE RADIO.

Nothing but catchy pop songs of a very specific type: jangley guitarish numbers and bubblegum and Beatlesque melodic gems and, well, a wide ranging collection of groups, many never ever played anywhere else (at least not anymore)! And when they play groups that ARE famous.... they play B-sides and rarities.

It truly is like stepping into a 60s radio time capsule, man. A much better taste of what sixties radio must have sounded like back in the day, due to its voracious variety.

Almost all songs played are from the years 1964 to 1971; some are even from other countries (who ever thought you could hear sixties gems from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc)! All free, 24/7, via your PC:
1. go to www.live365.com
2. tune in to station "60s JANGLE RADIO".
When I play it via my RealOne Player, I can see the playlist of tunes in upper left corner. It can be a fun party game: "guess the name of that last group" -- within a few seconds, the answer is displayed for you. One more nice touch: there is no host interrupting with spoken playlists or useless banter.

Kudos to Live365, for having such a wild and wooly eclectic collection of homegrown stations. All are FREE, if you don't mind a few very-brief ads now and then -- or, buy a PREMIUM membership and get no ads plus better (CD-quality) sound.

One caveat: if you don't have a high-speed net connection, some of the stations may not work smoothly (buffering delays, etc); check each channel's stats to determine which are likely to work best: some will say "DSL", and all will say what their data transfer rate is -- the higher the number, the better the sound but the more likely it will choke slower connections.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


"Good To Be In D.C." - must see iTV

Good To Be In D.C.

Those joking jovial joes at JIB JAB have done it again.

Web animation mixed with musical-political satire never tasted so good.

View it streamed for free... or download for 3 bucks... or buy their two hits ("This Land", and this new one) for 10 bucks on DVD. With all the free PR they're getting, on TV and other media, they stand to make thousands if not millions.

Who says you can't make money on the Web... you just have to be GOOD.

Sunday, October 17, 2004



Blogdigger - a Google-like interface lets you search the Blogosphere

Waypath - "provides new ways to explore the rich content of weblogs, using text analysis techniques"; "lets you search for interesting posts with keywords, full posts (urls), or by references (who links to whom)" --quoting from site

TECHNORATI - site says users can "Search the World Live Web™" to find "what's being said, right now, about every weblog or webpage that has something worth talking about"; "monitors more than four million blogs in real time so you can discover the conversations happening now."

What's Making Blognews? - title tells the tale; lists links to top blogworthy items; seems to rank them by how many blogs are referring to each item; one click tells you which blogs are citing what

Blogwise - "a collection of blogs by keyword, country and more; simple, fast access to thousands of human-checked blogs worldwide".

Saturday, October 16, 2004



The Western Show, alas, is no more.

I went to visit www.thewesternshow.com to get details on this year's show, and instead I see a letter saying: no Show. An excerpt:

"The curtain has come down on The Western Show after a 36-year run. The Show’s sponsor, the California Cable & Telecommunications Association made the decision to close the show due to changing conditions in the marketplace, coupled with economic pressure on cable programmers, suppliers and operators to significantly reduce costs...............

Throughout its history, The Western Show served as the focal point for groundbreaking announcements of new technologies and cable programming services. It was the setting where operators first heard about digital technology, where cable modems, cable telephony, VoIP telephony, cable home networking and DVR over cable were first demonstrated, and where trailblazing programming such as CNN were first introduced and marketed to cable operators.

The last Western Show was really nostalgic for all of us in the industry. Many old timers came and mixed with new kids on the block and many a Western Show story was shared in the various hotel watering holes on those last several nights.............

We will miss The Western Show but want to assure everyone that the California Cable & Telecommunications Association’s tradition of service to the industry will continue......"

This show/expo was a staple of the entertainment and technology industries, a great example of the interface and interactions between these two fields. You could explore the colorful booths of new and established cable channels, then shuffle over to the far end of the Anaheim Convention Center and wonder at the latest advances in cable and TV technologies. See cable stars in one booth, star cables in another.

Got stories and memories about this once-great show? Send a cable to us here.

Friday, October 15, 2004



Born in 1979, Comdex lived a long and prosperous life in Las Vegas, and died shortly after 2003.

Or did it?

Thousands of techies will weep with withdrawals when November comes, because Comdex -- the tech world's annual superconfab -- will not be happening in 2004. The people running it plan to retool the tradeshow and return in 2005. Comdex, which used to be Sin City's signature convention, got up to over 220k attendees back in the bubble-boom of '98, but its numbers were crunched the past few years, and totalled a "mere" 51,000 (still sounds huge to me) in 2003.

Comdex's current owner, MediaLive, said it is going to resurrect the show in November next year. What happens in Vegas, returns to Vegas. Or so we hope.