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Friday, October 22, 2004


RECOMMENDATION: live365's channel "60's JANGLE RADIO"

Amazing: the best sixties radio station out there right now... is online!
Name: 60's JANGLE RADIO.

Nothing but catchy pop songs of a very specific type: jangley guitarish numbers and bubblegum and Beatlesque melodic gems and, well, a wide ranging collection of groups, many never ever played anywhere else (at least not anymore)! And when they play groups that ARE famous.... they play B-sides and rarities.

It truly is like stepping into a 60s radio time capsule, man. A much better taste of what sixties radio must have sounded like back in the day, due to its voracious variety.

Almost all songs played are from the years 1964 to 1971; some are even from other countries (who ever thought you could hear sixties gems from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc)! All free, 24/7, via your PC:
1. go to www.live365.com
2. tune in to station "60s JANGLE RADIO".
When I play it via my RealOne Player, I can see the playlist of tunes in upper left corner. It can be a fun party game: "guess the name of that last group" -- within a few seconds, the answer is displayed for you. One more nice touch: there is no host interrupting with spoken playlists or useless banter.

Kudos to Live365, for having such a wild and wooly eclectic collection of homegrown stations. All are FREE, if you don't mind a few very-brief ads now and then -- or, buy a PREMIUM membership and get no ads plus better (CD-quality) sound.

One caveat: if you don't have a high-speed net connection, some of the stations may not work smoothly (buffering delays, etc); check each channel's stats to determine which are likely to work best: some will say "DSL", and all will say what their data transfer rate is -- the higher the number, the better the sound but the more likely it will choke slower connections.

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